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Senior Citizens


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Am I required to travel with an Attendant?

To ensure safety and compliance with Airlines On-Boarding or In-Flight policy terms, the concerned personnel may ask senior citizens to travel with an attendant to meet necessary requirements else could denied On-Boarding on failing to adhere with mandatory terms.

People who are likely to travel with an Attendant are those having:

  • Severe cognitive or learning disability due to which they cannot understand or react to safety instructions; or
  • Hearing or Visual Impairment preventing them from understanding or reacting to safety instructions; or
  • Disability hindering them from moving without help to reach emergency exit.

The below mentioned activities will help you assess whether or not you require a special attendant to perform activities for you:

  • Fasten and Unfasten your Seat Belt
  • Take your life jacket out from under your seat and put it on
  • Get out your seat and help yourself to an emergency exit (not necessarily includes by walking only)?
  • Put on oxygen mask
  • Eat by yourself
  • Lift yourself from your passenger seat to on-board wheelchair
  • Use toilet facilities unaided
  • Superintend your own medicine
  • Breathe without being relying on oxygen therapy

In case a travel attendant is accompanying throughout journey, the person must not be below 18 years of age and must be physically capable of assisting you in an emergency. If you require additional special assistance then your travel companion can travel with maximum of 2 passengers. In case, you are still in doubt whether or not a travel attendant is required, contact the airline customer support staff, directly.

Wheelchair Users and Mobility Aids

Any requirements for wheelchair/ mobility aids should be made known to the airlines prior to travel. The travelers are required to refer to policies of airlines about carrying wheelchairs/ mobility aids. The travelers are required to contact the airlines for any query or get in touch with our travel consultants. As per the Air Carrier Access Act and Department of Transportation mandate, the Airlines necessarily provide boarding, deplaning and connecting assistance, to passengers with disabilities upon requests.


The customers are required to clarify with respective airlines staff if stretchers are allowed onboard or not.


Considering safety requirements, customers are not permitted to carry their own oxygen for use on-board. Kindly contact the airline directly for such queries.


Passengers requiring medical supervision or syringes and/or needles, are required to present a letter from doctor or a prescription.

Refer to the following points to know more about traveling with medications.

Travelers with medication needs should carry enough medical supplies to cover use in-flight and are sufficient for two to three days post arrival too. Remaining medication not required on-board should be packed and kept in hold. The prescription by the doctor should clearly state the patient's name, medications, prescribed doses and other medical items required, if any. The medicines should be kept in original packaging for proper identification. Patients on medication traveling abroad should keep a prescription securely so that in case the medical supplies falls short or are lost/ damaged, the same can be provided.

To check if the medicines being carried are not illegal in the destination country, the traveling patients are required to get in touch with the respective embassy for clarification.

Use of Needles and syringes

Needles and Syringes are permitted on-board only if doctor's prescription or documents are furnished by the patients traveling. The documents can be presented in form of a letter provided by doctor confirming the type of medication and purpose. In case of non-availability of letter, the medication must have a printed pharmaceutical label. For maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene, a 'Sharps' box is available on-board for proper disposal of needles.

Keeping medication cold storage

The medications cannot be kept in the fridge on-board. Some insulin, for example for diabetes, need to be kept in a cold temperature. Travelers can bring a small cool bag with themselves tom store medications.

Liquid medication in hand luggage

Liquid medications are subject to policies of respective airlines hence travelers are advised to refer to complete information prior to travel.

Hearing impairment

Travelers with hearing impairment should be accompanied by an attendant for entire in-flight journey. The travelers can contact the airline directly or contact us for registration of requests for any special assistance needed. Airlines also provide separate briefing to the passenger or subtitled in-flight safety videos illustrating safety procedures.

Visually impaired

Travelers with Visual Impairment are required to be accompanied by a companion who must purchase a seat. The assistance provided by airlines may include individual safety briefings, an escort to and from the aircraft, and consistent necessary assistance during the flight. The travelers must contact the airlines or call us via our [+1-800-222-4433] for more details.

Expectant mothers

The policies with regard to expectant mothers differ from airlines to airlines. The travelers are required to refer to the airlines policy prior to making a booking and ensure what conditions are to be fulfilled to be allowed on board. Usually, expectant mothers are permitted on-board without a medical certificate till the end of the 27th week of their pregnancy. A medical certificate is generally required between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. The medical certificate is generally required between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. The certificate should clearly state about the traveler being fit to fly. The certificate should not be older than 6 weeks before the outbound date of travel.

Expectant mothers after 34 weeks of pregnancy are not permitted on-board on international flights. For domestic flights, expectant mothers are allowed on-board within 30 days of their delivery date.

The pregnancy period should not extend beyond 32nd week to be allowed for boarding multiple flights.

Travelers are required to refer to the policies of respective airlines.

Cruise lines does not permit passengers who are in their 24th week of pregnancy or beyond that. All pregnant women are required to provide a letter that states both mother and baby are in good health and fit to travel.


Passengers undergone miscarriage must not have had no bleeding or pain at least 24 hours prior to traveling date. They are required to furnish letter confirming about the state or condition being fit for traveling by doctors.

Broken limbs

For travelers with complete leg plastered causing inability in movement, two additional seats needs to be purchased. The traveler may only be permitted when the plaster cast is set in place. The traveler may be required to present a letter from the doctor stating about the condition of the traveler being fit to travel.


Considering the need of the passenger, airline will make all attempts to ensure that the person accompanying the travel is seated next to assist. Depending upon the mobility and assistance seating (seat with a movable aisle armrest) may be used or a fixed armrest seat will be used.

Seat width

Some passengers due to their size may find the seat width insufficient. The travelers requiring special seating arrangements should inform the travel consultant or concerned ticketing staff while making the booking. Traveler may also choose to purchase the other seat located side by side or can opt for a wider seat in an upgraded class.

Purchase of more than one seat is subject to availability. To clarify concerns over the types of seats provided as per requirement, get in touch with our travel consultants or with the airlines support staff directly.

Overseas Accommodation and Transport Arrangements

Usually the overseas accommodation and transport are not equipped for travelers with disabilities therefore it is advised to make the appropriate inquiries prior to making a booking.

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